At the age of ten, Stephan got his first manual-focus SLR camera, and has been hooked on the power of imagery ever since. A couple of years later, he took a course at his local school in developing film stock and producing black-and-white prints. At the age of 14, he was already passing his knowledge on to younger students.

After leaving school, Stephan began expanding his knowledge of moving image at a Stuttgart-based production company. While taking a degree in International Business Studies, he began exploring the world, attending a course in Chile in Advanced Photography and taking modules in Film Studies and Art History in New Zealand. His travels also took him to Spain, Indonesia, Australia and Brazil, where he encountered the diverse geography and interacted with the local people.

After a brief period of studying architecture, Stephan has, since 2008, been working as a professional photographer and cinematographer.



Sept 2011: Currently exhibiting at Zingg-Lamprecht in Zurich, Switzerland. See pictures here.